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Number one could someone please help me to understand how?Does the DALLAS COUNTY PUBLIC DEFENDER;S OFFICE work's.I was under the impression that if a person is not capable of hiring their own ATTORNEY.Then the DALLAS COUNTY PUBLIC DEFENDER'S OFFICE would appoint an ATTORNEY for the person in need of an ATTORNEY.Well this person was appointed an ATTORNEY by the DALLAS COUNTY PUBLIC DEFENDER'S OFFICE RIGHT.But this attorney that was appointed.He does not return repeated phone call's to his office.He does not have any type of correspondence with this client.He is never prepared when they have court appearance.As a matter of fact his client was placed in the LEW STERRETT JAIL ON NOV.5TH,2012 AND to this day this attorney has made no attempt to go see this person or ANYTHING.How CAN THIS BE.The attorney lied and Stated this person would be released in a couple of day's,Well it has been (3)Week's and Nothing from this attorney.I feel like we as tax payer's are being cheated by the GOVERMENT.We are paying these DALLAS COUNTY PUBLIC DEFENDER'S FROM OUR TAX DOLLAR'S.Then we are paying LEW STERRETT JAIL to house these people what ever each case maybe.So my question is.What IS THE PURPOSE of the DALLAS COUNTY PUBLIC DEFENDER'S OFFICE if people are sitting in JAIL that should not be their.This goes back to EVERYONE WANT'S TO GET PAID,BUT KNOW ONE WANT'S TO DO THEIR JOB'S.WTF IS GOING ON IN DALLAS COUNTY.KENNETH WEATHERSPOON SHOULD NOT BE AN DALLAS COUNTY PUBLIC DEFENDER.As a matter of fact KENNETH WEATHERSPOON SHOULD NOT EVEN BE AN ATTORNEY AT ALL. HE REALLY SUCK'S .KENNETH you really need to get your *** TOGETHER.YOU SUCK BIG TIME.



Further proof, as if it were needed, that the Have's enjoy one system of justice, and the Have-Not's are screwed blue. Innocence is inconsequential.

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Seriously they are Slammed with work. They juggle thousands of cases a month. Unless you have connections most Lawyers, after graduating law school, go to work for the PDF to write off school loans or need a JOB so they are paid literally nothing.

Yes all PDF suck no matter where you live or what state you live in. They can't remember if they are coming or going so to actually find 5 minutes to breathe is HEAVEN. The courts need to hire more PDF so that they can do the best for each client...7am to 9 pm is more liek the schedule each one carries daily. Sory to disappoint but realisticlly what more can they do...????

Fire him/her and hire another one. Relaly theyare ALL OVERWORKED because the DA doesn't want the detainees t get out. Can't stick a big Ole sentence on seomeone out on bail...

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If the public defender assigned to the case is not representing your friend- the defendant's- BEST INTEREST, your friend has the right to fire him and request another public defender be assigned to his case.

In order to do this he will need to document proof that the public defender is failing to do his job. For example: dates/times he tried to contact the defender, dates/times the phone call were returned. Starting now he should keep a log of ALL communication (phone/email/court/jail/ in person) between him and his defender containing date, time, subject and a few notes on their discussion. He will need examples of how the defender was unprepared for the court appearances and how that later effected him. If his defender's lack of preparation landed him in jail and in return caused him to loose money (or worse his job) that should be noted. Make sure to only document the FACTS, not opinions or emotions.

I don't know the circumstances of your friends case, however: Having "a case load that is impossible for one person to handle" is not an excuse to provide poor legal representation. As a hard working tax payer I am outraged that my tax dollars would pay for an inadequate attorney. If the public defender had an overwhelming case load he should not have taken on this case. Before deciding to attend law school and assume $100K in debt/ student loans the defender should have taken into consideration that the market in Dallas is SATURATED with criminal defense attorneys..They are a dime a dozen (just open up the yellow pages) and this defender was PRIVILEGED to have been hired to defend your friend. Your friend's inability to pay for an attorney does not mean his treatment by the pubic defender should have been any different than one he had hired on his own.

The cost of a public defender is SIGNIFICANTLY lower compared to the high cost of housing an inmate. How do you expect the defendant to "save money to hire an attorney next time" if he spends the next few years behind bars ($30,000/year to house inmate) in horrid conditions- and then cannot find a job when released as a result of a felony he may or may not have been guilty of (lets not forget the $80,000.00/ year he may he receive later for being wrongfully imprisoned).

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Maybe your public defender has a case load that is impossible for one person to handle? Maybe if you tried cutting back on the beer and cigarettes, you could post bail for this person in jail and they could go visit their attorney in person! Maybe you could redo your whole life and make better decisions.

We pay for you to have a lawyer so you have the right to a fair trial. Why do people think they are so entitled to things today?!

Why does your friend need a lawyer in the first place? Oh yeah, that's right...because they f**ked up and did something illegal. You want to know something? There are so many people breaking the law everyday, the SO throws out the cases that clearly don't have enough evidence to be worth going to trial for (because we all know y'all want to go to trial). So, even though you friend is technically innocent until proven guilty, chances are he's probably guilty.

Your friend's future?

1. Guilty plea

2. Go to trial and will lose (would have been better off with a guilty plea)

That has nothing to do with your lawyer. That has to do with the client. I clients listened to their lawyers or just listened to the general rules of society they wouldn't be in this situation.

Get over yourself. You get what you f**king pay for in life. Save up some money so you can hire a private defense attorney next time. Oh wait, never mind. They will refuse to take your case due to your sh*tty attitude next time.

But you're the real winner here. We are all paying for your free lawyer (who probably makes 50k a year and has over 100k worth of law school loans). We are paying for your free healthcare (never mind the $150 that gets taken out of my check every month to cover my own insurance on a minimal plan). We are paying for your food stamps (so you can buy a filet minon while I have to eat another pack of ramen noodles).

People like you just make me so mad. Get off your *** and do something with your life instead of complaining about how underwhelming all the free stuff that you don't deserve is. Seriously!!!!!!!!

to WOW!!! #584609

Either you are Kenneth himself...or just some dumb *** tea partier..nothing you've contributed is even relevant .

Next time you need a public servant and they happen to be inept and irresponsible..I wiuld like to see you yap all this ***.

Your type disgusts me...to find fault in someone because they expected someone to dobwhat theyre paid for is plain dumb and unfuckingbelievable


Number one the case has been DISMISSED.So therefore this person's back ground is still perfect.Number two because you have not ever been to jail does not matter because their may come a time when you might end up in jail.Number three i myself have never been to jail either so i am not concern with what you are speaking on as far as picking friend's.Anyone can go to jail.Including youself.You are not PERFECT I am so sure of that.Now as far as the PUBLIC DEFENDER'S OFFICE like i stated it SUCK'S.BUSY my ***.SORRY IS MORE LIKE IT.Since you are in COLORADO SPRINGS,WHO really care's about what you think.As far as TAXES,You as well as myself will alway's pay TAXES because this is the way of life.I am also sure you are paying TAXES in COLORADO SPRING'S FOR THOSE JAIL BIRD'S YOU ALL HAVE THEIR.Remember "YOU ARE NOT ABOVE THE RIM"YOU JUST THINK YOU ARE"."WHAT GOES AROUND COMES'S BACK AROUND DOUBLE".

Maybe this so called defendant should have been raised better? Only the jailbird has himself to blame for the results of his/her poor choices, and the taxpayers who have never committed a crime or even a traffic ticket (ME) should not be forced to pay for said criminal going to jail.

Do you really think that the public defender has time to return ALL the phone calls he gets? Uh, NO. He's VERY busy! So, have fun in prison, cause now that conviction and jail time is on your record for life, and I certainly wouldn't hire ya.

If one lays down with dogs, then you will get fleas!

Choose better friends to hang out with next time. :p

JOAN my friend has just gotten released.I am on my way to pick up.By the way i pay taxes and I have no problem paying them.If my taxes are to be raised i asure you, I will have no problem paying them.As far as the witness they did testify.How do you think their was a MISTRIAL.Now what part did you miss on that part.Their was no DPD OFFICER involved period.If their had been this would not have gotten this far.This was an citation only,Not a FELONY like the DA'S OFFICE is trying to make it be.This occured over the use of a dam telephone, Their was a struggle because this person was trying to call DPD in the first place.And security was trying to stop this person from doing so.The PLANTIFF even stated that their was no Physical Altercation between them.They just did not want DPD involved in the matter.So what now.Right is RIGHT and WRONG is WRONG.This is just plain WRONG.Their is no other way to look at this matter.GOD BLESS and HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY.LATER.


I still say you are complaining about nothing. Why couldn't your friend's witness testify on her behalf?

If she was a witness to what happened she should have been able to testify. Maybe if you start paying more taxes the Public Defender's Office would be able to provide more service. That is the only way public offices can provide services to please everybody, is to raise taxes and if that happened you would probably be the first to complain. What exactly is your friend accused of doing.

It is her choice if she prefers to sit in jail instead of pleading nolo contendre'. I think you missed my point and that is that your friend's public defender isn't the only person whose case he/she is working on at one time.

In my 72 years I have known many public defenders, judges, attorneys, and cops(I was married to a cop for 20 years.) I was also a legal secretary for several years. None of the people in law enforcement can do more than is humanly possible.


I can asure you that no one is going to suck anything up but youself.And no this person is not a DEAD BEAT WORK'S EVERYDAY.So if you are employed by the DALLAS PUBLIC DEFENDER'S OFFICE then you suck also.***


Problem is your friend is a dead beat that probably should be locked up and throw away the key. Stop crying like a big baby and suck it up.


Number one this is a very good friend of mind.Number two this case has been going on for almost (2)year's now and I am very aware of what is going on with this case.Number three i retired from LEW STERRETT but in a different government agency ok.Number four i do not have to be an attorney to no the law.So therefore if it was possible for me to represent this person i would do so in a heart beat and Do much better than the PUBLIC DEFENDER'S OFFICE is doing at this point.Number five who care's about the LIMITED BUDGET the PUBLIC DEFENDER'S OFFICE is under.Each attorney is expected to represent their client in a PROFESSIONAL manner.Number six this person had an paid attorney before they got an PUBLIC DEFENDER but because this person would not PLEA OUT.This attorney asked to be removed from the case and The judge granted this removal.That was the first mistake on behalf of the judge.If the judge was going to release the attorney,He should have returned this person's money.After all,All the first attorney did was reset court date after court date only until he was paid in full.Number seven if a person request an trial,Then it is that person's right to a trial if this is what they want.Number eight the first trial was an MISTRIAL.The prosecutor was so bad that the judge had to call for an sidebar to let the prosecutor no that she was calling the DEFENDANT by the name of the PLANTIFF.WTF.Next the PLANTIFF was so bad til the prosecutor even looked bad representing her.Their was only (3) Witnesses.Two for the DEFENDANT and ONLY THE PLANTIFF ON HER BEHALF.The PLANTIFF had no witnesses that were able to testify on her behalf that they witnessed anything that happen.Now you tell me what is up with this.It does not matter how many low income cases an attorney has.It is his or HER job to represent his client at that particular time.As far as the LIMITED BUDGET that the PUBLIC DEFENDER'S OFFICE HAS.I feel like it is still their job to represent FAIRLY AND PROFESSIONAL.What goes around alway's come's back around.So at this time we are going to leave this matter in the hand's of the LORD.Because i am sure he will work it out in more way's than one.


So what is the person in jail, to you, being you are so concerned about them and seem to know so much about their case and how it is being handled. Also if you know so much about how the law is supposed to be handled, why don't you defend your friend/family member.

Are you aware of the limited budget that any public defender's office has to operate on? It has been said for years that the more money a person can spend on an attorney the better defense they receive.

So if you want a super good defense attorney be prepared to pay for it. More than likely this attorney is representing dozens of other low income people at the same time as in your case.

to Joan Dallas, Texas, United States #819818

Why don't the negative people lay off. There are good people that make mistakes everyday.

Wait until it happens to someone that you know and then you have room to talk.

The people that are making the negative comments are not the only people that pay their taxes and they need to realize that sometimes other people know or have family members that make mistakes. Does the bible not say in Matthew 7:1-3 :

Judge not, that ye be not judged.

For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?"

Maybe some people need to quit being judgmental and start realizing that people mess up and as human beings it is our jobs to help them.

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